• Are your foundation phase teachers coming across more and more reading and spelling problems?
  • Do your foundation phase teachers need SACE points?
  • Do your preschool teachers know the ins and outs of phonological awareness and the role it plays in setting a child up for reading success?
  • Give your grade 1-3 PARENTS the tools to help their little readers at home

Phonological awareness

A workshop for Preschool Teachers
  • Covers the phonological awareness skills preschool children need to become reading fluent in the foundation phase. Many reading struggles can be attributed to a poor phonological base.
  • Children need to hear sounds and be able to work with sounds before they see letters in print.

Literacy instruction tips and tools that gets results

A workshop for grade 1 - 3 Teachers

This workshop is needed now more than ever as many children in mainstream education present with reading and spelling challenges.

Topics covered:

  • phonological awareness skills
  • visual and auditory drills
  • blending drills
  • order to teach phonics
  • 6 types of syllables that will change the way teachers see spelling
  • Sight word drills and games
  • Benefits of using rhymes, visual cues and kinaesthetic movement to help all students become readers.

Literacy Intervention

  • This workshop is for anyone teaching children to read one on one or in small groups.
  • I take you through a typical remedial reading lesson that gets results.
  • Your client’s parents will thank you!

Parent workshop

  • Let Raising Readers show parents how to help their dependent reader grow into an independent reader.
  • I go into what can be done at home to assist with the reading process
  • The school-child-parent relationship is vital for reading skills to flourish

Sponsor a teacher training

  • Does your school support an underprivileged school?
  • Would you like to empower their foundation phase teachers or preschool teachers with more skills to improve reading?
  • Would you like to see their reading scores improve?
  • Then sponsor a teacher training session with Raising Readers and the school you support.