Raising Readers in today’s fast paced technologically driven environment is a challenge for parents.

Not all parents know what role they can play in their children’s literacy future. Not all parents know the importance of practising and encouraging reading at home.

Be the school that gives their parents an opportunity to learn how to invest in their child’s reading development.

Be the school that books a Raising Readers talk to benefit parent -child- teacher reading success.

School talks are offered in person and online. ONLINE)


for Parents of Pre-schoolers

This talk helps parents with children less than 6 years of age understand the role they play in their children’s reading journey & how learning to read starts at home when a child is a baby and not in Grade 1.

Parents come away with a better understanding of the reading process and what it takes to raise a reader in today’s world?

Book this talk if you:

  • Are a principal of a preschool
  • Belong to a moms group


for Grade R – 3 Parents

This talk helps parents understand the role they play in their children’s reading journey as it continues throughout junior primary.

Parents are given tips and tools to use to help their children with reading and spelling.

Book this talk if you are a:

  • Principal of a primary school
  • Head of Foundation Phase