The Raising Readers Training was so informative and it really opened my mind.
Raising Readers has really made a difference in the way I see "reading time" and it makes reading more exciting for the children and the Teacher. I love how the children are able to act out the story because by them doing this it allows the kids to demonstrate their understanding of the story and it shows whether the children were listening from the beginning and whether the child understands. I really enjoy the reading comprehension questions as this really brings out the children's confidence as well as asking the children open-ended questions, not only has this made my children confident but it has increased their vocabulary already as I have started doing these activities with my class.
I'm very grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this wonderful training and I look forward to doing more activities with my children using more techniques I learnt at the Raising Readers training.

Nomaswazi Gumede
Preschool Teacher The Lap - Teacher Training May 2018

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the most wonderful experience I had attending the Raising Readers workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; I found that it was very informative and I was able to gain more perspective on the reading environment. I took many ideas from the workshop for my class and also ideas to educate the parents on reading with their children and having a love for books. The presentation that was done was very well put together and it was a lot of fun.

Kerri-Ann Harris
Preschool Teacher The Lap - Teacher Training May 2018

“A HUGE thank you for Saturday morning. A most enjoyable and enlightening workshop. I enjoyed every minute and am going to find all the “goodies” most helpful in my teaching.”

Michelle Cikes
Remedial Therapist - Teacher Course July 2018

“I feel so inspired! I cannot wait to get out there and teach reading.”

Jenny Anderson
Foundation Phase Teacher - Teacher course July 2018

“I would like to thank you and Lucille so very much for a wonderful workshop. The time and effort that you have put into it is obvious, and greatly appreciated. Your packs are practical and inspiring. Your understanding of and passion for reading is contagious! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Tanya McCarthy
Remedial Therapist and founder of The Turning Point - Teacher Course July 2018

“The workshop was very nice. We learn a lot. We gain more knowledge we didn’t know especially with the games. I want to say thank you very much to the presenters. You were friendly and helpful where we didn’t understand”.

Faith Balintulo
Spur Foundation ECD Training - June 2017

“Wow the workshop was so nice and understandable. I wish our teachers can have the same workshop like this because I have learnt more about teaching our kids. We thank Spur for giving us this opportunity”.

Doris Ranamane
Spur Foundation ECD Training - June 2017

“They definitely know what they are doing. It was very interesting to know Raising Readers, we wish they can come and train or teach our practitioners as well. Now myself I will promote the development of the 4 L’s of reading. Thanks Raising Readers, you are the best”.

Dineo Phala
Spur Foundation ECD Training - June 2017

“I would really like to thank you guys so much for providing me with this knowledge. Not only will it help me with my students but as a mother it gave me so many ideas to do with my son. It would really help for all teachers to get these lessons. Reading is key”.

Zanele Mdakale
Spur Foundation ECD Training - June 2017

Thank you very much for visiting our schools. Educators from all four schools were very impressed and they enjoyed the workshop. Your workshop was so informative.
Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Mamsie Makhetha
Education Specialist at KZN Education Department - March 2017

It’s a very great course. You get to learn a lot about teaching kids. The techniques being taught are very interesting and well presented. If you are a teacher or tutor this course from Raising Readers is superb.

Mlungisi Mfeketho
Help2Read Tutor Training - February 2017

I really enjoyed the 4 day workshop; the presenters were both really good and informative. The atmosphere was good. The part I enjoyed the most was making/creating a book. The experience took me to when I was in primary school and it somehow made me think as a primary school learner what a great exciting assignment given by her favourite teacher. Thank you so much for the opportunity. May other people welcome and appreciate what you do with an open mind and heart. I had a blast.

Makgotso Mashao
Help2Read Tutor Training - February 2017

I recommend Raising Readers. The presenters made me feel confident and they were patient with us and made us understand the information provided. I am definitely going to raise readers. The games were fun and interactive and they can extend children’s reading abilities. The presenters were amazing and made the training easier.

Busisiwe Ngubeni
Help2Read Tutor Training - February 2017

From the theory to story making and creating games, I found it very helpful and fun and now I can say I am ready to face the children and give them a reading experience they will never forget. Thank you Raising Readers.

Nikiwe Napo
Help2Read Tutor Training - February 2017

Raising Readers is such a wonderful program to help reading in schools. We were well trained and all the aspects they highlighted are all well explained. During the session, we had activities to go through, questions to attempt in order to understand more in detail and see from a different perspective. Both of the presenters were professional and kind at the same time. They made learning more fun and understandable Thank you Raising Readers.

Judith Ramokgola
Help2Read Tutor Training - February 2017

Raising Readers taught me the material of a life time and no expiry date and I will use at work and at home with my family, friends and community as a whole. The games are useful and learning at the same time with my children. Thank you very much Raising Readers presenters.

Dikeledi Phiri
Rays of Hope Volunteer Training - February 2017

The workshop was very insightful, our children will now enjoy leaning while having fun. I really learnt a lot from the presenters. Both of them were patient and understanding when we asked questions. I can definitely do this again if possible.

Leah Nkoane
Rays of Hope Volunteer Training - February 2017

I love how learning is made so easy and simple! I can’t wait to teach others about what I have been taught.

Rays of Hope Volunteer Training - February 2017

I found the workshop so relevant and helpful. I’d like this to happen once again to teach us a lot more that we don’t know. I am so excited about the workshop, I am going to use this with the kids, not only the ones I work with, but with my siblings and future kids as well!

Joyce Monyepao
Rays of Hope Volunteer Training - February 2017

Ever since the workshop began, I myself improved my reading. I realised that to raise other readers I would have to be a reader too. So I would say, not only was I equipped to be a good and better facilitator, but I also benefited from the workshop personally. We were taught reading strategies and fun games which will help our kids view reading differently. Thank you ladies, you were amazing!!

Tsolofelo Mabeleng
Rays of Hope Volunteer Training - February 2017

Dear Marian and Lucille,

I wanted to write to thank you for the amazing four mornings of teaching you delivered over the last couple of weeks. It was one of the most useful, and practical courses I have ever been on. You pitched it so perfectly taking into account our initial levels of understanding and made everything so clear. I know everyone who participated had so much fun and more importantly were really inspired to use these skills with our children at homework club and also their own children and others in the community – I really think the impact of this training will be felt widely across Alexandra. We are so grateful for everything you shared and taught us.

Thank you so much!

Jennie Morley
Rays of Hope Volunteer Training - February 2017

“Our teachers found the course relevant, exciting and very motivating. Bringing back fun, effective, yet simple games back into the classroom has been a breath of fresh air! We are feeling more equipped to assist learners who battle with reading and spelling now. The kit is wonderful and a huge time saver for us!"

Kelly Kunitz - Grade 3 educator at Reddford House The Hills
Teacher Course - 17 January 2017

Thank you so much for the wonderful parent’s evening that you ran at Cleverdon Preschool. Technology dominates our lives, and it was wonderful to hear about the vital role that reading still plays in the lives of our children – including how it helps parents spend real quality time with their children. Our parents thoroughly enjoyed it and asked fantastic questions after your talk.

Nicky Phillips
Principal at Cleverdon Preschool - Parent Talk 22 September 2016

I attended your workshop yesterday at Sharonlea Primary. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Thank you for your inspiring workshop.

Amy Bunce
Teacher Course - 8 November 2016

Dear Marian,

A big thank you to you and Lucille for Tuesday evening. The feedback has been positive and I think overall the parents found it very informative and have been given some ideas of how to put it into practice which is great!

Lindsay Wooler
Owner of Nurturing Nannies - Parent Talk 24 June 2016

Big thanks for the talk and the great advice.

Bronwen Blunden
Parent Talk at Bub Hub - 13 June 2016

Thank you so much for a very informative and fun approach to getting young children motivated to read.
I found the workshop to be a good balance between theoretical and the practical side.

Rayhanah Hassim
Parent Course - 7 June 2016

The feedback I received about the talk was amazing. The Toptots moms as well as the Bryanston Montessori moms went away encouraged that reading with their little ones was actually easier than they thought.

Koren Hayman
Parent Talk at Toptots - 1 June 2016

Dear Marian

I found your presentation informative and useful. I have been able to use the word dice (why, what, where etc) after our outing the other day, as a cool down activity before story time. The children enjoyed rolling the dice and answering questions about the outing. This also helped that everyone gets a turn to speak and having to learn to wait their turn as well as being able to listen to sentence structures, vocab etc. It also helped to hear who remembers detail about the outing etc. So thank you for introducing that game which I could use with the children at my level.

Dee Shone
Teacher Course - 13 May 2016

Thank you very much for the course.
I really enjoyed it and look forward to working with the miscue info you gave us.

Katherine Walker
Teacher Course - 7 April 2016

It was helpful having my questions answered and I was relieved that other parents had similar experiences.

Parent Talk - 14 March 2016

Hi Marian,

I heard you speak at my daughter’s school (St Teresas) some time ago and was inspired by your creativity with learning to read. My 5 year old son is now just ready to start learning to read. I bought your kit from Play and Schoolroom and we have been having so much fun with it. We are just at the very beginning but I thought I would share some ideas that my son and I also came up with.

He really liked the torch game.

Megan Spavins
Parent Talk - 4 February 2016

My boys are loving the kit. Never have I heard my kids asking me to do school work with them. Thanks a mill.

Raelene Aboobaker
Multi-Sensory Sight word Kit- 7 December 2015

Hi Marian and Lucille

Thank you so much for doing your presentation at our National Training Day. It got rave reviews and even though our teachers ahd heard the first session before they said they now have a much better understanding of it. The games were a hit.

Thank you once again.

Debbie Lynch
National Crawford Training Day - 23 May 2016

We are honestly very glad that we found you in time to run this workshop with our tutors. It was immensely valuable and enlightening and I feel more comfortable sending them out to help the learners in their community. They now have innovative ideas and tools to use and it will improve the quality of their tutoring immensely. Your presentation was not only informative and practical but energetic and you made the information come alive. I would certainly recommend you to other organizations and individuals!

Literacy Tutor Project Alexandra
Help2Read - 11 March 2016

Your workshop was excellent. Thanks. Everyone has been talking about it and yesterday some of the teachers were already implementing your fly swatting idea.

Debbie Lynch
FP Deputy Principal - Crawford Preparatory Lonehill 8 March 2016

I really enjoyed the course I attended with Marian. It was amazing I to see how I could help my boy so positively through games. I came home and did two exercises with him and immediately saw a shining eye and mom can we do that again tomorrow. Looking forward to nurturing a confident reader...

Yumna Peer
Course - 27 January 2016

To Lucille and Marian
Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop. Thank you for enlightening us. I learn so much from you. Thank you for enriching my perceptual ring. I am really making changes in my class. Thank you, thank you very much! You are stars! Continue doing your outreach. Thank you very much.

Lucy from Mahlasedi Day care
Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

This was part of an enrichment program that has added on skills that I had. This course has also changed my lesson planning and motivated me to encourage story reading, playing games and team work. This will enable me to share the knowledge with my colleagues and implement what I have learned. Creativity is one of the most important things that makes children enjoy learning. I highlighted this during our outdoor group session that took place. I have noted an integration of all learning developmental stages through creativity.

Mazoe from Hope Baby care centre
Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

It was a great training. You are intelligent and everything you were teaching us, it was excellent and I learnt many things from you, like how to respect children’s rights and how to be patient to all children’s age groups. Thank you for your respect and your time- it means a lot to me.

Dinah Kganya Day Care
Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

To Marian and Lucille
First I want to say thanks for everything you have done and teach me a workshop of Raising Readers skill. You give me a knowledge which I’ve never had in my life. You teach me better skills which can help me know how to teach the little kids and for that I give you a big hug and love.
I want to say thanks for being patient to us because you take time to give us all. Thanks for all the games and stories we did with you.
To Patti, thanks for everything you sponsor for all your time you make for this workshop. I’m very proud of what you do every day. Keep it up and I wish God will give you power to do that and not only for Diepsloot teachers. Thank you.

Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

Raising Readers, thank you very much with your workshop. Keep up the good work!

Agness from Khanyisa
Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

Dear Raising Readers
I like your workshops! What I like most about Raising Readers workshops is your notes that I got and how you help us to create educational toys, how to read or how to create the story. I want to improve my school with your teachings. It will be good for us if you come every three months or once a month. I thank Patti for helping us too!

Angelina from Sedibeng Day Care
Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

I would like to thank you for giving me skills and knowledge that I didn’t know. Lucille and Marian and Patti, God bless you! Thanks a lot.

Diepsloot Teacher training - September 2015

Hi Marion

Thank you so much for the informative and highly motivational session yesterday. Charles and I left feeling quite upbeat about our new ‘box of tricks’. Little did we expect the response we got from our boys Harry (5) and James (7) – that very afternoon. They just could not get enough! Without any prompting from myself, we spent an hour going through sight words. The boys adored the games and enthusiastically set about making up their own set of rules including earning extra lives for ‘super tough’ words! And I felt confident to help them find their own answers to words they are still learning to recognise. The Raising Readers approach has really brought home to us, how easily children learn when they are engaged and having fun.

Sincere thanks
Jemma Serrurier

Jemma Serrurier
Private consultation - 29 September 2015

The Raising Readers teacher’s training was informative and Marian gave the teachers some handy tips on how to excite learners in and around the classroom in order to develop avid readers in the classroom.

Mea Verster
Teacher Training, Cooper College

I found this being a very useful session to parents, through the session I learnt how cognitive development happens at different age levels which helps me to introduce reading material appropriate for a child's development stage. Furthermore, I learnt about the importance of games for children’s brain development.

Gugu Mkhize
Parent Talk - 26 August 2015

I found Marian to be a very knowledgeable person, she made a lot of sense and has gotten me, in the process, very excited (and more determined) to do more when it comes to reading with the kids. The course was very informative and, because she put everything in layman’s terms, very easy to follow. You can see she has a passion for what she does! I would definitely recommend it to other parents and I am looking forward to making more use of “Raising Readers”.

Parent Talk- 26 August 2015

The talk was very interesting, thought provoking, educational and very informative and Marian presented exceptionally well.

Parent Talk- 26 August 2015

Parent Talk - 26 August 2015

The course was highly beneficial. It provided great guidelines and tips on how to get the most out of the tool kit. Marian provided invaluable knowledge on how to approach the learning to read process in a funfilled manner. The tips and advice have meant a stress-free experience for parents & children. Above all, it was fun & engaging.

Nikki Catrakilis-Wagner
Parent Course - 18 July 2015

We absolutely loved your presentation! I can already see my daughter has a fascination with books. Now after listening to your presentation I'm excited to watch my daughters love of books blossom!

Candice Efstathiou
Parent Talk - The Bub Hub Monday 3 August 2015

Thank you so much for a lovely talk yesterday. It was great to get a little insight from so early and be able it use it going forward!

Danielle Gal
Parent Talk- The Bub Hub Monday 3 August 2015

I found the talk not only informative but it has also made me acutely aware of the importance of how much I communicate as well as how I communicate with my baby and how I will be prepared for every milestone in my child's life to prepare him for reading, writing and communication.
I am a Montessori teacher myself and it was so good to hear facts and tips that affirm my belief that the child has the ability, however, it is up to us, the parents, to make sure they are given the opportunity to eventually become avid readers. This can be achieved easily by following Marian's tips and ideas in her talks as well as purchasing the materials and games that she has on offer so that when your baby turns into a toddler and a preschooler, they will have the tools to do this.

Olivia Kenning
Parent Talk - The Bub Hub Monday 3 August 2015

Thank you for the wonderful talk. I really appreciate the information you shared and I now have a whole new perspective when I read to my little one.

Piyusha Gunjal
Parent Talk - The Bub Hub Saturday 15 August 2015

Thank you so much for taking the time to spend with us on Friday morning! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and found it amazingly informative. As mentioned I have been very blessed with 2 completely unique children both with a love for reading and even though they are achieving so much already especially my 8 year old, I walked away with a world of information and a wealth of new knowledge to further improve and advance them on there way to a bright future SO A BIG THANK YOU!!

Rozz Jorge
Parent Talk 24 August 2015

My daughter ( 4 years ) and I are so enjoying the Fun With Letters - it is an amazing educational tool , which shows me where she is in her development and allows for parent and child to connect , learn and have fun at home .

Kristy Snyman
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack

I just got our “Shape Recognition Practice Kit” and it is amazing! Thank you so much Marian! Cannot wait to get started.

Phillipa Parsons
Multi-Sensory Shape Pack

You summarized the importance of reading excellently for parents...Information that teachers wish every parent would know. Plenty of helpful, practical ideas to encourage reading with both younger and older children.

Karyn Youell
A Mom - attended a Parent talk 8 June 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and found it most informative. I did not realise how a child's ability to read could affect their emotional well - being. Since the talk last week, our reading time together has been so enjoyable. I made a point of applying some of the tips Marian shared in keeping Amy's attention during reading time and I have noticed that Amy is attentive for a longer period of time. The talk not only inspired me to "Raise a reader" but reignited my passion to read :). Thank you Marian

Candace Waller
Toptots mom - attended Parent Talk 22 May 2015

Thank you for presenting your Nappies to Novels talk at TOPTOTS Mondeor/Glenvista last week. My clients thoroughly enjoyed the morning.
Your professional, thought-provoking presentation challanged us all to really connect with our children; and that sitting quietly and reading to/with them will not only encourage a stronger bond, but also foster a life-long passion for books and learning.

Yvette Searle
Toptots owner Mondeor - Parent talk 22 May 2015

Raising Readers is an amazing talk that every parent should hear. It is well presented and incredibly informative for all stages of your child's reading path...
Marian explains our "job" as parents in this vital area of a child's development and makes you feel equipped to conquer the reading quest!

Gina Poggiolini
Principal - Curious Minds Preschool - Parent Talk 21 May 2015

Thank you Marian. It was great meeting with you and very informative.

Melanie Pearse
Course - 19 March 2015

“Thank you mum - that’s so cool. I’ve always wanted something like that to help with my spelling.”

From the Parent Course I now feel I have the tools and confidence to assist my five year old daughter in a positive way with her reading, writing and spelling.
After we played the fun with words games for the first time my daughter said “I had such a nice time”

Anna Swan
Parent Talk -5 November 2014, Course - 18 November 2014, Multi-sensory sight word pack

Thanks for an insightful course. Enjoyed the one on one and the fact that you yourself have similar aged children so can identify with the issues I face. Some wonderful strategies to implement with my children and can only hope that they will benefit in the long run. Think your approach of learning through fun is a fantastic idea and sure my children will learn even more without even knowing they actually learning.

Katherine Benbrook
Course - 3 March 2015

I really enjoyed the time I spent with you and am pleased to say that I have already started using some of the strategies you explained. I am certainly more motivated and feel less anxious about getting my daughter to love reading more. I'm looking forward, in particular to seeing the difference in her comprehension skills. Studying for her History test was definitely a kinesthetic learning style and we're hoping for a good result.

Thank you again!

Carol-Jane Anderson
Course - 24 February 2015

The parents really enjoyed your talk. They found it very informative and interesting. They appreciated the fact that you were to the point and not long- winded. The tips you gave were really helpful and you encouraged them to spend more time reading and spending quality time with their children. We would recommend your talk to other pre-primary schools.

Alana Nel (Principal Little Scholars Pre-Primary - Parent Talk 11 February 2015)

I had an individual (parent) session with Raising Readers. I have a 4 year old daughter whoI want to encourage to read books. Marian gave me tips and games on how to encourage my daughter to love and enjoy reading . She was very forthcoming with information. The tips that she gave me were appropriate for an emerging reader. What I am excited about is that as my daughter moves to next level of reading, Marian can do another session with me that is appropriate for next stage reader.

Thanks and Regards,

Wendy Dube
Course - 11 February 2015

The reading course was a wonderful insight. As I am a self-taught teacher who studied through UNISA. I really loved that it was multisensory for the learners.

Sherylee McBride
Teacher Training , Montrose Primary School

I really enjoyed the course. My son is in Gr 2 and not only did it help me, to help him, to read and to love reading. But Marian also gave me tips with homework and how to make it more fun. I also appreciate the fact that Marian shared her experiences with me.
THANKS FOR A GREAT COURSE – Especially because it was one-on-one and I could asked all the questions that I had!

Surita Volland
Course - 27 January 2015

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable reading course, it was fabulous.

Taryn Johnson (Foundation Phase Teacher, Montrose Primary School)

My daughter, Amilee (6) has really benefitted from the reading packs.
Since we received them, she has been nagging me to make time for her 'games' and I could really see a significant difference in her reading.
The instructions are clear for the parents to follow and gives a productive guideline to helping her with her letters.

Nicole Holborow-Browne
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack & Multi-Sensory Sight Word Pack

On Saturday 15 Nov we did the reading course with Marian. We all felt that is was 2 hours well spent! We all learned valuable information that we did not know. As educators we strive to better the lives of our learners and Saturday did just that for us. Thank you! We are looking forward to the Afrikaans set later on. Keep up the wonderful work.

Leonie de Kock
Teacher Training at DLN Private School

" Thank you to Marian Bailey for her extremely beneficial talk to the Grade 1 Welcoming Party parents, held here at Montrose Primary School on Wednesday 5 November, for our new in-take of learners for 2015.
The talk was educationally sound and gave many pointers and suggestions to the parents of how they can support and extend their child to make them effective readers.
It was made visually stimulating through the Powerpoint presentation.
I can highly recommend the talk ‘Raising Readers’. Many parents also showed a positive interest in the resources available in order to help them reinforce the reading skills".

Vivien Cory
Foundation Phase Head of Department, Montrose Primary School

I'm loving the Fun with Numbers, such great activities.

Tamara McKenna
Multi-Sensory Number Pack

Raising Readers "Fun with Letters", "Fun with Numbers" and "Fun with Words" pack are just the best, recommend them to any mom with children in Gr R, Gr 1,Gr 2. Thanks Marian.

Tamara McKenna
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack, Multi-Sensory Number Pack, Multi-Snsory Sight Word Pack

My Girls are absolutely LOVING it – and going from strength to strength, and very age appropriate. I think the major bonus is – is that it is FUN. They don’t think like they are sitting in a classroom doing something that they find laborious – at the tender age of 4 and 5! It has really grabbed their attention – and they love it!

I would really love to do the course – as I feel it will be exceptionally beneficial for me – as I will be able to offer more to them.

Diane French
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack, Multi-Sensory Number Pack, Multi-Sensory Sight word Pack

Hi Marian,

Our boxes just arrived (so quickly!) and I just wanted to let you know that the Principal and Grade R teacher are really impressed and can’t wait to show our learners!

Many thanks,

Montessori Umhlanga Pre-school
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack, Multi-Sensory Sight Word Pack,Multi-Sensory Number Pack

Jaime loves it and I think it is absolutely fabulous. Every parent and teacher should have it.

Thanya Goncalves
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack & Multi - Sensory Sight Word Pack

The presentation was extremely informative and helpful. There were practical things we as parents could do to assist our children to be ready for reading and in still in them the love for reading.
The content was relevant and easy to follow.

Anita Fernandes
Holy Rosary Primary School Grade R Parent - Parent Talk 19 June 2014

Thank you for your most informative presentation to our Holy Rosary Pre-Primary parents on 19 June 2014.
The information discussed on ‘Raising Readers’ not only raised an awareness amongst our parents on their valuable role in the acquisition of this important skill and related skills, such as, comprehension, but it also provided examples of simple activities that the parents can implement with their children.

This presentation clearly supported the work the educators are doing and highlighted the important link between home and school.

Thank you once again.

Isilda de Oliveira Primary School Principal
Holy Rosary Primary Grade R Parent Talk 19 June 2014

Your talk was great and we have had many parents commenting positively on it, particularly that you also included older children. Thanks so much for coming in.

Lisa Latre HOD Pre-Primary
Holy Rosary Primary School Grade R Parent Talk 19 June 2014

Dear Marian

I was at your talk on Thursday 22nd, and found is extremely useful. As the mother of a very able and avid reader I wasn’t expecting to take away much from the talk. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised by all the ‘hot tips’.

Many thanks

Jen Logan
St Peters Boys Prep Parent - Parent Talk 22 May 2014

Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiastic love of reading with us. The presentation was a comprehensive look at skills and materials needed for the developing of reading. The intern students found it especially helpful and we were reminded of long forgotten tricks and tips on storytelling and language games.

Cathy Rowley
Teacher Training Redhill Pre-Primary School - 26 May 2014

Thank you so much for your informative talk to our parents. It was good to get an outside perspective on “Raising Readers” as well as being reminded of things we do know, but have forgotten! Parents and teachers alike, found the talk most interesting, as well as enriching. Guidelines and tips were practical and certainly attainable. Your manner of presenting is both appealing and engaging!

Lynne Elfick
Principal St Teresa's Primary School - Parent Talk 26 March 2014

"This is an excellent presentation and gives parents tool to assist their children develop a love for reading." Raising Readers Parent Talk -05 June 2013)

Mark Hayter
Prinicpal Grayston Prep School

I found your course very useful and enlightening – I’m sure I’ll be able to apply the tips that you gave us to our daily homework routine.

Heather Marsh
Course - 28 January 2014

"I found the course hugely beneficial for both Samuel (G00) and Hannah (G3).
The games are practical and can be adapted for my individual child’s ability. The spelling book is a brilliant idea to assist with those tricky words. I also liked the two board ideas for words I can read and the words I’m learning to read. I’ve decided to introduce the reward system for Hannah specifically. I felt encouraged and empowered to help my children in a positive way."

Jeanette Britton
Course - 28 January 2014

Thanks Marian for an excellent 'short course'. I needed to update my skills and this evening course did that and more for me! The course is practical and the skills that kids can learn are useful not just for beginner readers but for parents too. The alphabet and numeracy kits are portable and so much fun to use! More parents should attend this course as the extra input provided in the early reading stages will be so valuable to your kids later.

Vijaya Francis
Course - 27 November 2013

Love all the unique ideas, and both of them had a lot of fun playing with all the items especially the fiddle sticks- I'm so excited cause it was the first time my daughter really enjoyed learning more letters and she was writing new letters out for her dad which was such a relief - she is learning and doesn't even know it ;).

After just 2 days I can see how much more she has learned and that's truly amazing and even my son (3) is picking up on the letters and I know they are both having fun together which makes life so much easier as well. I will defiantly be recommending your sets .

Thanks again from us all

Angie Nel
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack

Thank you for your excellent Emerging Readers Course. Not only did I find it informative as a parent but also as a teacher. I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my concerns and queries with other parents as well. I am now equipped with a greater understanding of pre-reading skills through games and other fun educational activities, that my toddlers can participate in. I highly recommend this course to any parent who would love to learn more about the cognitive development of their child.

Jamela Sibanyoni
Course - 15 October 2013

It was quite an insightful two hour course, that has given me tools to open up my son’s world even more than I could ever have imagined to the world of reading, in a fun, colourful and sensorial way. For a parent wishing to give their child just that little bit more, I highly recommend this course as an investment that will help you, guide and ensure that you maintain your role as parent rather than become the teacher at home.

Rose Garcia
Course - 15 October 2013

Your course was definitely worth attending, I'm glad I finally managed to make the time! It was nice to hear a couple of things confirmed that we do "right" already, like the special time for bedtime reading. But what was the most valuable part for me was the background information how they become readers, the emphasis on the emotional side and the playfulness. It's sometimes hard (especially when we're confronted with over-ambitious parents) to not be pushy with our children; your course has helped me for sure to let our little one be an unburdened kid, to let her approach reading with fun and confidence. I'm looking forward to seeing the little reader emerge, thank you!

Michaela Rothaug
Course - 2 October 2013

I found the course to be extremely helpful. Being a lover of reading myself I would like to pass on that love of reading to my children as well. The course helped to remember to include a variety of books to my daughters reading shelf. It showed me the areas in which I was lacking when I read to my daughter and also gave me clear cut ways on how to rectify my shortcomings. I’m lucky because she already loves to read so all we need to do now is focus on identifying words and letters to get her on her way. I have also come to realize that the more I read to her, the more she will learn, as reading is not 'second nature'. I look forward to attending future courses you have planned.

Faaizah Asmal
Course - 27 August 2013

"Thank you for a very informative and fun course, as a mom it's great to be reminded about the value and importance of reading, and learn some awesome tips to help encourage a lifestyle of reading in your kids. Thanks Marian!"

Nicole Capper
Course - 24 June 2013

Many thanks I did receive the playing pack and my daughter and her friend got stuck in as soon as they saw it! I am sure we will have many hours of fun and games with it. Thanks for this amazing opportunity to “raise a reader”!

Nikki Gillard
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack

She already read the blocks!!!! She was astounded about it and me too!

Denise Carvalho
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack

Thank you for the Alphabet Pack! Adam is now at an age where he is curious about letters and numbers and wants to start writing them himself. I wanted to avoid him copying script which resulted in him learning the wrong formation of the letters. The Alphabet Pack provides so many different textures to re-in force the correct formation of the letters. The boys are having a ball making letters with the sand, the play dough and the wax sticks - they are oblivious to the learning to taking place! It is a quality product with a lot of variety, which is perfect for my sons ages!

Jodi Bailey
Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack

“I would highly recommend this course to all Grade 1 parents. Reading is such an essential skill and I feel better equipped with strategies and tools to help my son learn to read. The course was very practical and gave plenty of concrete and fun ways to help parents facilitate the reading and spelling process.”

Angela Matheson
Course - 28 February 2013

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very informative, covering methods I would never have thought of applying myself. Moreover, being a mum to a second grader, I felt the session was very encouraging and reassuring with regards to methods and structures we already had in place.”

Haajira Brey
Course - 20 February 2013

Thanks for a great morning. I feel equipped with some new tools to help Harry and Jack with their homework!

Tamsin Bamford
Course - 21 January 2013

"I found the course very helpful, thank you.  The tips on games and making reading and writing fun is going to be very useful and I'm sure both my children will love that!  I will definitely recommend to my friends".

Carla Van Der Merwe
Course - 05 February

"The course came at the right time, with my eldest just having started grade 1. I was feeling quite daunted about the whole reading issue and what role I'd play as a parent in effectively continuing on from what will be covered at school. The course was very insightful and I now have a variety of strategies and tools to use with my son to make reading an enjoyable learning experience. I would definitely recommend the course to other parents".

Katie Saulez
Course - 05 February 2013

"Attending the ’Learning Together’ course was extremely helpful as a mom entering the realms of homework for the first time. It provides really helpful tips to compliment the school learning process and took a lot of fear out of what is quite a next daunting step."

Sam Hewlett
Course - 24 January 2013

"I recommend the course for every grade 1 parent! The strategies taught are simple enough for the kids to embrace but useful in a way that will see them through their entire schooling career. “

Katie Cubitt
Course - 24 January 2013

We all really enjoyed the course, and would highly recommend it to Mums and Dads.  It's so important to give your kids the best start in life, and so empowering to go on your course and feel like you are equipping yourself to do that! Thank you for all your insights and directions. And for the lovely book and book ideas!

Louise Van Rensburg
Course - 1 October 2012

We both felt it was really good - simple and straight forward and the way you presented it was also great. Can't wait to try out some tips and tools on Emma. Thank you! It was also nice to be a small group - made it more intimate and personal and also we could go at the pace that was relevant for us.

Andrea and Andrew Shuttleworth
Course - 16 October 2012

Thanks very much! Craig and I enjoyed the course very much and definitely learnt some new tools to try with our boys. I think we already have 2 keen readers so was happy to learn some strategies to encourage them further. I even had an opportunity to mention letters to Callum this morning and was very pleased to say - "the name is ...." and "it sounds like...." because I have wondered about how to get around that in the past. The small group is very nice and I really like the use of your examples with Monkey Puzzle because it made it easier to relate to what you were saying and to remembe in the future.

Lindsay and Craig McMurray
Course - 16 October 2012

I really found the "Emerging Readers" course very informative, filled with practical ideas and tools to help my girls nurture a love for reading and language. I'm so encouraged to keep reading every night with them, as I feel in today's society, full of distractions, reading and spending time together with books and games is so important.

Leanne Fenwick
Course - 1 October 2012

Thank you so much for the Emerging Readers Course. It was very interesting and informative. Thank you for the great tips on how to make the most out of story time and to encourage a love of reading in our children.

Allana Hemus
Course – 20 September 2012

This course was interactive, enjoyable and informative. We really appreciated the notes and board game that we each received, as well as the books for the school. I strongly recommend the workshop for anyone working with pre-primary children.

Principal of The Park on Eighth Pre-primary School
Building readers course: Pre-primary - 14 July 2012

I found the Emerging Readers course enjoyable and extremely useful. Marian gave me additional insight into how to further build a love for reading and generate an interactive reading process with my children. I have successfully implemented many of her suggestions and strategies and seen a visible shift in my daughters' thinking and engaging with the text. I highly recommend the Emerging Readers course for parents of children in a pre-primary school.

Michelle Wootton-Price
Course - 14 May 2012

It really helps to know that as a parent you are on the right track. The ideas and information you gave me has become a daily part of our lives! The tricks you have taught me i.e. the answer to “why mommy”? “Let’s read some more to find out what happens”. Also asking questions to get her thinking and helping her with her memory! Thank you so much for a morning well spent!

Zinhle Matentji
Course - 6 June 2012

The Emerging Readers Course was an enlightening evening in a relaxed atmosphere with like-minded parents. I left with renewed enthusiasm for reading with my children. There were times during the evening where I felt really proud of the reading we have done so far as a family, and at other times I realised just how exciting future reading is going to be with the clever ideas Marian came up with. For anyone who loves books and reading this is a really worthwhile course to do.

Sam Nupen
Course - 29 June 2011

The Emerging Readers course proved invaluable in guiding me on how to instil a love of books in my two little girls, aged one and three years. I would recommend the course to anyone with toddlers/pre-schoolers, as a means of getting them interested in books well before more structured reading techniques are used in schools.

Colette Hughes
Course - 27 May, 2011

I went on a fabulous reading course aimed at children aged 1 – 8 years old. If you would like to read more to your child, learn the connection between language/vocabulary and reading, or simply want to buy some great children’s books – this is a great course to attend. I highly recommend it.

Celiwe Nthuli
Course - 27 May 2011

I attended the course on 25 January 2011 and it was very enlightening. I received solid tips on how to approach reading with my daughters and I am getting the desired interest and reaction that was amiss before.

Course - 25 January 2011

I learnt so much from the emerging readers course about the importance of reading actively to your child and we now have a regular story time before bed which we all look forward to. Thank you for the pack we received with informative notes and a storybook – a most enjoyable course which I can highly recommend to other parents.

Fiona Theron
Course - 24 November 2010

Attending the Emerging Reader Course was wonderful. It made me see the benefits of reading to my children in a whole new light. It helped me understand how to interact with them whilst reading to them, and engage them in a fun and educational way. Reading is now a most enjoyable form of relaxation in our household and hopefully I am instilling a love for books in my children.

Shelley Roberts
Course - 7 September 2010