Parent talk: Nappies to Novels

Nappies to NovelsNAPPIES TO NOVELS

This motivational talk presented by Marian Bailey is aimed at anyone raising or educating babies and toddlers.

If you own a Moms and Toddlers group, are a Playschool Principal or a Parent who would like to be more informed about what it takes to raise a reader in today’s world then book this talk. 

Discover the role you play in your child’s reading journey and how learning to read starts when a child is a baby and not in Grade 1

 Topics covered:

  • Foundations of reading
  • 4 L’s of reading 
  • Language – being talked to is what develops language skills, not being talked at
  • Reading bedtime stories – why it is the best learning investment you can make in your child
  • Choosing books
  • Technology and the learning gap
  • Precursor to letters and numbers is shapes
  • Importance of sensory learning to get kids ready for reading

COST: please email for pricing

 Reading is the foundation for all future learning, give your kids the best start in life – the gift of reading!