Q – What age should I start reading to my child?

A – It is never too early to start reading to your child. Right from the beginning is best – as early as in the womb – however it’s never too late to start!

Q – Should I read a story everyday to my child or is once or twice a week enough?

A – There are enormous academic and emotional benefits to reading a story to your child every day. Never forget that you as a parent are your child’s first and most important teacher. We look at these benefits in detail in our courses.

Q – Why are nursery rhymes so important?

A – Nursery rhymes help children develop language skills in a fun and musical way. Nursery rhymes make children aware of the rhythmic patterns in language and can help a child learn to read and spell.

Q – At what age can I stop reading stories to my child?

A – Children should be read to until well into their primary years of school (at least 10 years of age). Once a child becomes a reader (Grade 1/2) a parent should read books of a higher level to their child, not necessarily every night but a few times a week.

This ensures that a child is exposed to more difficult language and their general knowledge continues to grow. Our courses explain in detail why vocabulary and general knowledge are two keys to unlocking academic success.

Q – I have 2 children can I read to them together using the same story?

A – It is better to read to each child separately, particularly if they are different ages as they have very different language needs. Furthermore, questions you can ask a 2-year-old are completely different to those you can ask a 4 or 5-year-old. Each child is an individual and needs his own time with a parent. Best case scenario mom reads to one child and dad reads to the other child and the next evening you swap.

If this is not always possible try to stagger bedtime and therefore story time. It may feel like you are reading to small children all night but the long term academic benefits for your children makes it worth it.

Q – Will the things taught to me on these courses interfere with the way my child learns to read at school?

A – The skills and strategies shown on our courses will not interfere with the way your child learns to read at formal school. The courses shows parents how to begin building solid foundations to make reading acquisition that much more manageable and enjoyable for a child.

Q – We speak a different language to English at home, should I read books to my child in English or our native tongue?

A – It depends on which language you wish to develop most in your child. English books are far more readily available. We suggest whichever books you can get your hand on – children learn multiple languages simultaneously much more easily than adults and by the time they are 7 years they will be proficient in both languages. An idea is to read books in English and tell stories to your child in your native tongue which can be done at any time of the day.