Emerging Readers: A course for Parents of Preschoolers

Reading to a child every day has vast benefits, which parents are not always aware of. Think of it as the best educational investment you will make in your child – reading is the key to education and education is the key to a child’s future.

We live in a fast paced , instantaneous, highly visually stimulating environment and educaton is evolving, but one thing remans constant: a child must learn to read.. The gift of reading is something all parents want to give their child. If your child is between the ages of 1 and 6 then this course is for you. In this course Raising Readers will show you the benefits of reading aloud to your child and how to inspire your child to love reading. Learning to read is a complex skill. Don’t leave it until your child enters primary school. Find out what you the parent can do to prepare your child for reading and have what it takes to become a reader for life.

Topics covered:

  • The benefits of reading every day to a young child
  • How to develop the 4 L’s of reading: LOVE, LISTEN, LETTERS, LANGUAGE
  • How to ask questions that will develop reading comprehension skills
  • The multi-sensory alphabet kit
  • Games to play with your child to develop pre-reading skills

This course is suitable for au pairs

Course length: 2 hours

Cost: R550 per person.
Includes course notes

This course is conducted by Marian Bailey (Remedial Therapist and teacher) & Lucille Kleb (Pre-primary principal and teacher).

Private consultations with Marian ; R650 – Get advice /support/guidance on anything literacy for your young child

Please email marian@raisingreaders.co.za or lucille@raisingreaders.co.za to book