Building Readers: A course for pre-primary teachers

Building Readers (ECD)

This 2-hour course will show teachers how to foster a love for reading in each child in their class. It gives teachers more skills and strategies to use with great affect to build solid reading skills. We share game ideas, experience, knowledge and resources during the course.

If you are a principal of a Pre-Primary school, this is the perfect course to be booked for your teachers, to help them develop sound pre-reading skills in their pupils.

Topics covered:

  • The 4 L’s of reading
  • Signs of reading readiness and reading difficulties
  • Letters
  • Games to play to develop pre-reading skills

Course length: 2 hours
Times: Pre-arranged courses to be booked by schools.

Cost: R2500 for the Presentation and R200 per teacher for course materials

This course is conducted by Marian Bailey (Remedial Therapist and teacher) & Lucille Kleb (Pre-Primary principal and teacher).

Please contact Raising Readers to book a Building Readers Course for your school.