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Reading is the foundation for all future learning


Business Address:                           18 Tiati Road Sunninghill Gardens 2157

Postal Address:                                  P.O. Box 2250 Sunninghill 2157

Contacts:                                             Marian Bailey 0827808546

Website:                                              www.raisingreaders.co.za

Company registration Number:     2015/420674/07

Company Name:                               Raising Readers Pty Ltd


Raising Readers has been in existence since 2009 with the aim of giving every child the opportunity to become readers. Reading is the foundation of all learning and every child deserves the right to become lifelong readers.  To unlock the reading potential in children, Raising Readers has developed training programmes for parents, caregivers and teachers to guide them on this important journey; a journey that starts at birth. The different services consist of School Talks, Teacher Workshops, Parent Workshops and Consultations as well as Educational Kits and learning support lessons.


To create an awareness of the important role reading plays in a child’s life and to educate as many people who influence children and their future.


To provide the training and materials to as many educational facilities, in order to improve reading skills among the learners. In Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres and Primary schools the aim is to provide teacher training, multi-sensory educational kits and improve their libraries. In Parent communities, the aim is to provide knowledge on what it takes to raise a reader.  It is the essential relationships between parent and teachers that ensure the child’s social and educational well-being. Raising Readers aims to empower teachers and parents to raise the readers of the future.


This business is built on:

  • Honesty – we are confident that our material enriches participants yet we also enjoy learning from others.
  • Integrity – we are committed to what we do.
  • Love – we are passionate about teaching and believe every child has the right to learn to read.
  • Connecting – through fun interaction and participation.


Parent Workshops consists of 2 hour interactive workshops which gives the parent the tools to raise readers. This includes reading materials and practical game ideas.

Teacher Training consists of a series of interactive workshops in order to empower them with the skills to develop readers within a school environment. This includes course material.

Talks for parents or teachers. This presentation provides an overview of what it takes to raise a reader.

Educational Kits consists of Fun with Shapes, Fun with Numbers, Fun with Letters and Fun with Words. These kits can be purchased to supplement the reading journey and can be utilized by educators, parents or caregivers.

Books we provide a variety of books ranging from board books, picture books, readers and chapter books.

Learning Support Lessons I am a remedial therapist providing reading lessons.  My approach is to help children think as they read and tap into cognitive strategies that work for them when reading unknown words or words that they are battling to retain. She offers a variety of intervention processes particularly teaching the reading tool box (11 cognitive reading strategies), phonics, vocabulary building and comprehension techniques, games and multi-sensory activities to assist with literacy and numeracy. In addition she strongly believes in building learning confidence alongside skills as once a child believes he/she can; then half the battle is won. Lessons are a well-balanced combination of hard work and having fun.

Fun With Letters                               Fun With Numbers                             










Fun With Words


 Fun With Shapes                                                                           








Marian Bailey

 Marian2 Honours in Educational Psychology (WITS);

Bachelor of Education in Pre-Primary (UNISA); and

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Psychology (UNIVERSITY OF NATAL).


Marian Bailey is the founder of Raising Readers. She is a qualified Remedial Therapist, Teacher and Mom with a passion for literacy. She has worked at a number of schools and runs a private practice. Marian saw a need to help parents realise the role they play in the reading journey and provide teachers with the tools to unlock the reading potential in their learners. Lucille Kleb is a qualified preschool teacher with many years teaching experience. Following her teaching career, Lucille became the Principal of a well-established independent nursery school which she successfully ran for 9 years.  Lucille is also the mother of two and is passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences with fellow teachers and parents.


Raising Readers has presented at the following facilities:

·         Northriding Preprimary

·         Monagahan Montessori

·         Lonehill Nursery School

·         Country Playden

·         Craighall Primary

·         Crawford Pre-primary

·         Douglasdale Nursery School

·         Honeybee Nursery School

·         MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers group)

·         The Park on 8th Nursery School

·         Sandton Montessori

·         APPS (Auckland Park Prep School)

·         Bryanston Pre-Primary

·         Sagewood Pre-primary & Primary         school

·         Saheti  School

·         Dainfern College

·         Egoli Preschool

·         Grayston prep

·         King David pre-primary

·         Lollipop Nursery school

·         Jubilate Primary School

·         DLN special needs school

·         Crawford Village Pre-Primary

·         St Andrews (Grahamstown)

·         Nuturing Nannies

·         R.E.W.A (Botswana)


·         Bryandale Pre-primary

·         Little Scholars Pre-primary

·         St Peters Junior Boys Prep

·         St Teresa Primary School

·         Holy Rosary Grade R

·         Montrose Primary

·         RANSA – presentation for preschool teachers

·         Speech therapists presentation at     WITS

·         Toptots Alberton

·         Redhill Nursery School

·         Sandton Montessori

·         Toptots Glenvista

·         Montrose Primary

·         Creative Academy Preschool

·         Linguamites Preschool

·         Little Stars Playschool

·         The Bub Hub

·         Little Roots Nursery school

·         Montrose Pre-Primary

·         Cooper College

·         Living and Africa Montessori

·         Diepsloot Preschool foundation

·         Help2Read Foundation (Jhb and   Cape Town)



“We are loving our kits so much and Harry is coming along with his letters and they both love playing all the games – thank you”.

Parent Feedback on learning kits – Fun with letters and Fun with Sight Words
28 January 2019

“Thank you for the workshop. It was amazing and highly beneficial, interesting, enlightening and action paced with awesome tools and activities to use within a learning support environment. thank you Marian. I will be definitely be using the tools and kits to best support children’s academic needs”

Workshop Feedback
5 December 2018

“Hi Marian – I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the time you have spent with Jack, working on his reading skills. The past 6 months have seen his reading go from slow and stilted to faster with confidence ad expression. in the time he spent with you, her has gained a series of tools to deal with unfamiliar words. t has definitely given him far more confidence to try unfamiliar words which has really helped his fluency”.

Parent Feedback on learning support lessons
20 November 2018

We are honestly very glad that we found you in time to run this workshop with our tutors. It was immensely valuable and enlightening and I feel more comfortable sending them out to help the learners in their community. They now have innovative ideas and tools to use and it will improve the quality of their tutoring immensely. Your presentation was not only informative and practical but energetic and you made the information come alive. I would certainly recommend you to other organizations and individuals!”

Literacy Tutor Project Alexandra
Help2Read – 11 March 2016

Thank you so much for the wonderful parent’s evening that you ran at Cleverdon Preschool. Technology dominates our lives, and it was wonderful to hear about the vital role that reading still plays in the lives of our children – including how it helps parents spend real quality time with their children. Our parents thoroughly enjoyed it and asked fantastic questions after your talk.”

Nicky Phillips
Principal at Cleverdon Preschool – Parent Talk 22 September 2016

I attended your workshop yesterday at Sharonlea Primary. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Thank you for your inspiring workshop.”

Amy Bunce
Teacher Course – 8 November 2016

My boys are loving the kit. Never have I heard my kids asking me to do school work with them. Thanks a mill.”

Raelene Aboobaker 
Multi-Sensory Sight word Kit- 7 December 2015

“My daughter, Amilee (6) has really benefited from the reading packs.  Since we received them, she has been nagging me to make time for her ‘games’ and I could really see a significant difference in her reading. The instructions are clear for the parents to follow and gives a productive guideline to helping her with her letters.”

Nicole Holborow-Browne

Multi-Sensory Alphabet Pack & Multi-Sensory Sight Word Pack

“Thank you to Marian Bailey for her extremely beneficial talk to the Grade 1 Welcoming Party parents, held here at Montrose Primary School on Wednesday 5 November, for our new in-take of learners for 2015. The talk was educationally sound and gave many pointers and suggestions to the parents of how they can support and extend their child to make them effective readers.  It was made visually stimulating through the Powerpoint presentation.  I can highly recommend the talk ‘Raising Readers’. Many parents also showed a positive interest in the resources available in order to help them reinforce the reading skills”.

Vivien Cory

Foundation Phase Head of Department, Montrose Primary School

“Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop. Thank you for enlightening us. I learn so much from you. Thank you for enriching my perceptual ring. I am really making changes in my class. Thank you, thank you very much! You are stars! Continue doing your outreach. Thank you very much.” –  

Lucy from Mahlasedi Day care

Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

“This was part of an enrichment programme that has added on skills that I had. This course has also changed my lesson planning and motivated me to encourage story reading, playing games and team work. This will enable me to share the knowledge with my colleagues and implement what I have learned. Creativity is one of the most important things that makes children enjoy learning. I highlighted this during our outdoor group session that took place. I have noted an integration of all learning developmental stages through creativity.” – Mazoe from Hope Baby care centre

Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015

“Raising Readers, thank you very much with your workshop. Keep up the good work!!” –

Agness from Khanyisa

Diepsloot Teacher Training September 2015