Helping you raise a reader

It has been a while since I posted here. Much has happened over the past 6 months and it’s only just now that I am starting to really find my groove.

Lucille Kleb left Raising Readers towards the end of last year to pursue her teaching. After working together for 4 or so years I was on my own again and not sure which way to go – do I continue with Raising Readers or completely throw myself back into a remedial therapy practice.

By now I had picked up a few private clients and I was loving teaching and re-mediating again. I find working with kids between ages 7 & 9 , helping them become good avid solid readers the most fun and rewarding . So begins my private practice again….. the more I taught the more I used my Raising Readers materials and kits and the more I realized this business is worth hanging onto because parents deserve to have someone to help them when it comes to the reading journey.

In November I contacted another remedial therapist in my area to chat about sending clients each other’s way and she told me she was immigrating and needed someone to take over her practice at Reddam Waterfall. So I have been at Reddam since January working in the Foundation Phase offering learning support and I love it.

Raising Readers continues but now not only do I give talks and workshops and sell kits I am also working with kids again.

In many ways I feel Raising Readers is now more complete and I feel even more inspired to help parents raise their kids to read.

I am aiming to be more active on a social media too 😃 so please connect.

So if you want to know more about the reading journey and your part get in touch. I am here to help because this is what I love to do.


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