10 Spelling Tips



  1. Good spellers can ‘see’ words in their heads. Weak spellers need help with this.
  2. Use phonics plus visual skills (remembering what words look like) plus looking for typical letter patterns plus knowledge about words (meaning) to help with spelling.
  3. Don’t rely on sound alone; introduce a multi-sensory approach to learning spelling words AND use spelling strategies.
  4. Use many different practice methods to help the words stick.

Spelling Strategies

There are lots of different ways to help learners remember spelling words:


For example for words such as ‘said’, ‘would’, ‘should’ use this strategy to help a child remember the spelling.

said = South Africa is dry

ould = oh you lazy donkey

friends =(fri/ends) = Friday ends and  we play with friends

because = big elephants can always understand smaller elephants

rhythm = rhythm has your two hips moving


To help with spelling longer words show your child how to find the smaller words in the whole word.

together = to get her

here , there where = all have here in them

this = is

3. Break word into syllables

4.Tap out the syllables of a word

5.Put spelling words into a box according to sounds.


br an ch
r ea ch

6.Word families
– also called phonograms or “chunks”, provide us with groups of words that have a predictable pattern or “chunk”. These words have the same ending and they all rhyme. Why use themteaching children to notice word families will help with spelling words with similar patterns. Focus on how words are connected and related. Instead of studying random words, study words based on their common patterns.

E.g. word family ‘ack’ = sack, pack, track, stack, black, jacket, packet

7.Making links – Linking meaning with spelling. Draw images/words around the letters to help learners  remember more easily

8.Highlight the hard parts– e.g words like sepArate

9.Word shapes – draw the shape of the word to help weaker spellers remember correct spellings through visual recall. Visual images stick .

10. Practice over and over– choose 5 different practice methods rather than just writing spelling words out 3 – 5 times. 

1 – write

2 – copy

3 – build it out of letters

4 -make it out of dough/pipe cleaners/waxy sticks

5 – trace over built word with your finger

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