Rays of Hope and Raising Readers 2017.

Raising Readers were given the wonderful opportunity to work with the staff and volunteers of the Rays of Hope Foundation. This initiative was supported and funded by the P.T.A of Kingsmead School.

We would like to thank you as we feel we really gave the participants some new skills and tools which they will be able to use with their learners in their homework centre to improve their literacy.

The participants attended 4 workshops in total. Bertha and Martin welcomed us to their centre and introduced us to their great team. We got a good understanding of all the projects that are run by Rays of Hope and we were in awe of their good will and hospitality.

Workshop 1: Foundations of reading and comprehension skills. We gave the participants insight into what the necessary foundations are that need to be provided in order to teach reading. We could gauge how much input was going to be needed from us and we made sure that all concepts were soundly explained and understood.




Workshop 2: Word recognition and reading techniques. Here we got to the nitty gritty of reading and put the reading strategies that they learnt into practice. We facilitated as they went along and they now realise how they can help the learners more effectively using these tools.


Workshop 3: Story- telling and Book Making. We explored the benefits of the different types of story-telling and involved the participants in a dramatization. This was lots of fun and they literally came alive! We encouraged this as a good way to engage with children who are more inhibited than others.

Then the participants attempted to make their own books in different forms. They realised that this is not an easy task and should be done step by step with their learners over a period of time. They were made aware of the planning and thinking that is involved in writing, illustrating, editing and publishing a book.


Workshop 4: Sensory Learning and Games: In our last workshop we explored our senses and understood the importance of learning through multiple senses not only through the sense of sight. We had them, feeling, moving, listening and looking as they learnt some sight words. There was much excitement as the games were being played and it was wonderful to see how engaged everyone became. We also demonstrated the 3 multisensory kits that were purchased (Fun with Numbers, Fun with Letters and Fun with Words) so that they will be used to maximum benefit in the centre.


Finally we presented the participants with their certificates, which they were very happy about. We also received some great feedback and we left with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.


Once again, thank you to Kingsmead School and Rays of Hope for the opportunity to make a difference.

Here are a few testimonials:

Tsolofelo: “Ever since the workshop began, I myself improved my reading. I realised that to raise other readers I would have to be a reader too. So I would say, not only was I equipped to be a good and better facilitator, but I also benefited from the workshop personally. We were taught reading strategies and fun games which will help our kids view reading differently. Thank you ladies, you were amazing!!”

 Joyce: “I found the workshop so relevant and helpful. I’d like this to happen once again to teach us a lot more that we don’t know. I am so excited about the workshop, I am going to use this with the kids, not only the ones I work with, but with my siblings and future kids as well!”

 Jennie: “Thank you so much! This is one of the most informative courses I have been on. I can’t wait to use all of the techniques with our children.”

 Joshua: “I love how learning is made so easy and simple! I can’t wait to teach others about what I have been taught.”

Leah: “The workshop was very insightful. Our children will love learning while having fun. I really learned a lot from the presenters. Both of them were patient and understanding when we asked questions. I can definitely do this again if possible.”

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