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help2read1Last year Raising Readers had the wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge with teachers from the Diepsloot and Thembisa communities. We realised that this is an avenue where we can really make a difference and give educators the necessary tools to help raise readers.

 This week we were fortunate enough to meet some of the tutors from the Help2Read foundation. This foundation empowers people from the communities to work with some of the children in the primary schools to strengthen their reading skills. Tutors are assigned a child/ren who they will work with twice a week for half an hour at a time. During this time, the learners are privileged to spend half an hour one on one with their tutor to get the extra guidance that they need.

Help2Read also run a volunteer programme for people who would like to volunteer some of their time to listen to children read in their classes. help2read4

Raising Readers completed a 4 day workshop with the tutors this week with the aim of giving the tutors some of the necessary skills needed in tutoring children and giving them the tools to learn to become fluent readers. They learnt about the important foundations that need to be laid, language and comprehension strategies, storytelling and book making and games to make learning to read fun!  

Each workshop was fun and interactive and the feedback from the tutors was encouraging and positive. These tutors are beginning their programme with Help2Read, so completing this course with help2read5Raising Readers before they begin on their exciting journeys has given them each the tools to be more equipped to help the learners reach their full potential to become the fluent readers they deserve to be. 


We look forward to presenting a workshops/s to the volunteers from Help2Read in the next few months as well.  

We are passionate about these interactive workshops and if you are involved in any communities that you feel would benefit from our services, please contact us.

We also offer parent and teacher workshops, one on one consultations, parent talks at schools and even parent workshops at the office. If you have a group of parents at your workplace that you feel would benefit from our services. Please contact us.

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Written by Lucille Kleb

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