Raising Readers enters an exciting new avenue for teaching and learning


The month of August and September allowed Raising Readers the opportunity to spread our good work by reaching out to the community of Diepsloot.

We were fortunate enough to share our knowledge and ideas with some of the teachers from the Diepsloot Pre-school foundation as well as with Patti Hanley who generously sets up and supports these schools. For 5 weeks teachers and principals from the community, eagerly arrived every Wednesday to attend an informative workshop.

Each week we focussed on different skills that can be used to enhance learning and more specifically reading in order to prepare the Pre-school child. We focussed on how “Foundation is Key” and that it is our responsibility as educators, parents and care givers to help our children develop to their full potential. A confident child is a happy child who together with the right skills and tools will become a confident, fluent reader.

Workshop: 1 Foundation is Key

The teachers were introduced to pre-reading and how to promote the development of the 4 L’s of reading: – love of books, language skills, listening skills & letter recognition.









Workshop 2: Story time

Great fun was had by all role playing story time. This workshop proved that no matter one’s age when the material being learnt is presented in a fun exciting way it is absorbed and retained more easily.









Workshop 3: Learning is fun

Games to promote pre-reading skills; such as listening, language and letters, memory, discrimination and sequencing, were demonstrated. The teachers were so excited to learn new games to teach the children in their class.









Workshop 4: Sensory learning

We demonstrated the importance of sensory learning using practical examples – lots of mess and fun had by all. Then we demonstrated the sensory learning packs: Fun with Shapes, Fun with Letters, Fun with Numbers. At the end we gave out 54 packs. Each teacher received one of each to take back to their preschool. Much excitement all round.










Workshop 5: Teacher skills

The final workshop focused on library skills, observation skills and how to conduct parent teacher meetings. At the end Raising Readers certificates were handed to much applause and general celebration on a job well done!


The interaction from the participants each week was incredible. They were enthusiastic and willing to learn and most importantly, they had fun doing so. The commitment from the teachers to give of their best was encouraging to see and it shows that they are willing to give all that they have to empower the future of our country- the children! How wonderful!

Each week we, as facilitators learnt so much from the teachers too and the feeling of achievement and success after each workshop was exhilarating. To walk away knowing that we have made a difference is an amazing feeling!

We are looking forward to training some of the Pre-School teachers from Tembisa in October and will be sure to share our experiences then too.

We are excited about this new avenue that we have embarked on and if you are involved in any communities that you feel would benefit from our services, please contact us, marian@raisingreaders.co.za


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